Api Platform Conference

The conference dedicated to API Platform and its ecosystem

Sep 21, 22 2023 | Lille & online

API PLATFORM: Create REST and GraphQL APIs, scaffold Jamstack webapps, stream changes in real-time.

The API Platform Framework

API Platform is a set of tools to build and consume web APIs

API Component

API Component

Build a fully-featured hypermedia or GraphQL API in minutes. Leverage its awesome features to develop complex and high performance API-first projects. Extend or override everything you want.

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Schema Gen Component

Schema Gen Component

Generate a PHP data model from the RDF vocabularies and ontologies. Let the ORM create the related tables.

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Admin Component

Admin Component

Enjoy a beautiful administration interface built with React without writing a line of code.

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Client Gen Component

Client Gen Component

Scaffold a Next.js, Nuxt.js, Vuetify, Quasar, React, Vue.js or React Native app, tweak it to fit your needs.

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An All-in-One solution for Modern Projects

GraphQL, Linked data  and Semantic Web compatible

Super easy one click install with Docker

Generate your Progressive Web Apps and Native Mobile Apps

Deploy instantly in the cloud with Kubernetes

Built on the Shoulders of Giants

API Platform is built on top of battle-tested products. The server skeleton includes the famous Symfony framework and the Doctrine ORM. Our scaffolding tool supports the most popular JavaScript libraries. The development environment and the deployment mechanism leverage Docker, Kubernetes and Helm.

extend the framework with thousands of existing Symfony bundles and React components

use the server library in any existing Symfony or PHP app, use client components with any API documented with Hydra or OpenAPI, regardless of its programming language

reuse all your Symfony, React and Docker skills and benefit of their high quality docs; you are in known territory

API Platform is also designed as a set of independent and reusable components. You can perfectly use them in a standalone way, or integrate them by yourself in your own project.

Built on the shoulders of giants

Easy to expose, easy to consume!

API Platform is agnostic of the client-side technology. Thanks to open web standards, it is compatible with:

Javascript apps (including but not limited to React, Vue.js and Angular)

Native mobile apps (iOS, Android...)

IoT devices (Rust, Go, C, Java...)

Expose and consume

Enhance SEO and Interoperability

<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "http://schema.org/",
  "@type": "Product",
  "name": "Executive Anvil",
  "image": "http://www.example.com/anvil_executive.jpg",
  "description": "Sleeker than ACME\'s Classic Anvil.",
  "mpn": "925872",
  "brand": {
    "@type": "Thing",
    "name": "ACME"
  "aggregateRating": {
    "@type": "AggregateRating",
    "ratingValue": "4.4",
    "reviewCount": "89"
  "offers": {
    "@type": "Offer",
    "priceCurrency": "USD",
    "price": "119.99",
    "priceValidUntil": "2020-11-05",
    "itemCondition": "http://schema.org/UsedCondition",
    "availability": "http://schema.org/InStock",
    "seller": {
      "@type": "Organization",
      "name": "Executive Objects"

Adding Schema.org markup to websites and apps increase their ranking in search engines results and enable awesome features such as Google Rich Snippets and Gmail markup.

Mapping your app data model to Schema.org structures can be a tedious task. Using the generator, your data model will be a derived from Schema.org. Serializing your data as JSON-LD will not require specific mapping nor adaptation.

Simply include a JSON-LD file in your page instead of enriching the DOM: it’s a matter of minutes before being SEO Ready.

Schema.org improves the interoperability of your applications. Used with hypermedia technologies such as Hydra it's a big step towards the semantic and machine readable web. It opens the way to generic web API clients able to extract and process data from any website or app using such technologies.