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Sep 21, 22 2023 | Lille & online


API Platform Admin has a native support for API exposing an OpenAPI documentation.

To use it, use the OpenApiAdmin component, with the entrypoint of the API and the entrypoint of the OpenAPI documentation in JSON:

import { OpenApiAdmin } from "@api-platform/admin";

export default () => (
  <OpenApiAdmin entrypoint="https://demo.api-platform.com" docEntrypoint="https://demo.api-platform.com/docs.json" />

Note: The OpenAPI documentation needs to follow some assumptions in order to be understood correctly by the underlying api-doc-parser. See the dedicated part in the api-doc-parser library README.

Data Provider

By default, the component will use a very basic data provider, without pagination support.

If you want to use another data provider, pass the dataProvider prop to the component:

import { OpenApiAdmin } from "@api-platform/admin";
import drfProvider from "ra-data-django-rest-framework";

export default () => (

Mercure Support

Mercure support can be enabled manually by giving the mercure prop to the OpenApiAdmin component.

See also the dedicated section.

What' new?

API platform conference 2023

Sep 21,22 2023: new edition of our conference dedicated to API Platform and its ecosystem!