NelmioApiDocBundle Integration

NelmioApiDoc provides an alternative to the native Swagger/Open API support provided by API Platform.

As NelmioApiDocBundle 3+ has built-in support for API Platform, this documentation is only relevant for people using NelmioApiDocBundle between version 2.9 and 3.0.

For new projects, prefer using the built-in Swagger support and/or NelmioApiDoc 3.

Screenshot of API Platform integrated with NelmioApiDocBundle

NelmioApiDocBundle is supported by API Platform since version 2.9.

To enable the NelmioApiDoc integration, copy the following configuration:

# api/config/packages/api_platform.yaml
    # ...

    enable_nelmio_api_doc: true

        accept_type: 'application/json'
            formats: ['json']
            default_format: 'json'
                json: 'application/json'

Please note that NelmioApiDocBundle has a sandbox limitation where you cannot pass a JSON array as parameter, so you cannot use it to deserialize nested objects.

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