Test your API

// src/App/Tests.php
namespace App\Tests;
use ApiPlatform\Playground\Test\TestGuideTrait;
use ApiPlatform\Symfony\Bundle\Test\ApiTestCase;
use App\ApiResource\Book;
API Platform testing utilities provides an ApiTestCase that allows you to send an HTTP Request, and to perform assertions on the Response.
final class BookTest extends ApiTestCase
    use TestGuideTrait;
    public function testBookDoesNotExists(): void
For starters we can get an HTTP Client with the createClient method.
        $client = static::createClient();
Then, issue an HTTP request via this client, as we didn’t load any data we’d expect this to send a 404 Not found.
        $client->request(method: 'GET', url: '/books/1');
Our API uses the JSON Problem specification on every thrown exception.
            'detail' => 'Not Found',
    public function testGetCollection(): void
        $response = static::createClient()->request(method: 'GET', url: '/books');
We provide assertions based on your resource’s JSON Schema to save time asserting that the data matches an expected format, for example here with a collection.
PHPUnit default assertios are also available.
        $this->assertCount(0, $response->toArray()['hydra:member']);

// src/App/ApiResource.php
namespace App\ApiResource;
use ApiPlatform\Metadata\ApiResource;
use ApiPlatform\Metadata\CollectionOperationInterface;
#[ApiResource(provider: [Book::class, 'provide'])]
class Book
    public string $id;
    public static function provide($operation)
        return $operation instanceof CollectionOperationInterface ? [] : null;

Test your API

// src/App/Playground.php
namespace App\Playground;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;
function request(): Request
    return Request::create(
        uri: '/books/1',
        method: 'GET',
        server: [
            'HTTP_ACCEPT' => 'application/ld+json',

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