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Extend OpenAPI Documentation

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// src/App/ApiResource.php
namespace App\ApiResource;
use ApiPlatform\Metadata\Post;
use ApiPlatform\OpenApi\Model\Operation;
use ApiPlatform\OpenApi\Model\RequestBody;
use ApiPlatform\OpenApi\Model\Response;
To extend the OpenAPI documentation we use an OpenApi Operation model. When a field is not specified API Platform will add the missing informations.
    openapi: new Operation(
        responses: [
            '200' => new Response(description: 'Ok'),
        summary: 'Add a book to the library.',
        description: 'My awesome operation',
Each of the Operation field that you want to customize has a model in our OpenApi reference.
        requestBody: new RequestBody(
            content: new \ArrayObject(
                    'application/ld+json' => [
                        'schema' => [
                            'properties' => [
                                'id' => ['type' => 'integer', 'required' => true, 'description' => 'id'],
                        'example' => [
                            'id' => 12345,
class Book

// src/App/Tests.php
namespace App\Tests;
use ApiPlatform\Playground\Test\TestGuideTrait;
use ApiPlatform\Symfony\Bundle\Test\ApiTestCase;
final class BookTest extends ApiTestCase
    use TestGuideTrait;
    public function testBookDoesNotExists(): void
        $response = static::createClient()->request('GET', '/docs', options: ['headers' => ['accept' => 'application/vnd.openapi+json']]);
            'paths' => ['/books' => ['post' => ['summary' => 'Add a book to the library.', 'description' => 'My awesome operation']]],

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