This is a list of common pitfalls on using API Platform, and how to avoid them.

Using Docker

With Docker Toolbox on Windows

If you get errors like the following when running docker-compose up on Windows:

ERROR: for app  Cannot create container for service app: Invalid bind mount spec "C:\\Users\\Kevin\\api-platform:/srv/api-platform:rw": Invalid volume specification: 'C:\Users\Kevin\api-platform:/srv/api-platform:rw'
←[31mERROR←[0m: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.

Be sure to set the COMPOSE_CONVERT_WINDOWS_PATHS environment variable to 1. It can be done by creating a file called .env in the root of the project containing this line:


Error starting userland proxy

If the app container cannot start and display this Error starting userland proxy: Bind for, it means that port 80 is already in use.

You can change the port to be used in the docker-compose.yml file (default is port 80).

Using API Platform and JMS Serializer in the same project

By default, JMS Serializer Bundle replaces the serializer service by its own. However, API Platform requires the Symfony serializer (and not the JMS one) to work properly. Fortunately, this behavior can be deactivated using the following configuration:

# app/config/config.yml

    enable_short_alias: false

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