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  • fix(serializer): remove ‘iri’ from context cache (#4925)


  • fix: serializing embedded non resource objects
  • chore(openapi): upgrade Swagger UI to version 4.1.3
  • chore(openapi): upgrade ReDoc to version 2.0.0-rc.59
  • chore(graphql): upgrade GraphiQL to version 1.5.16


  • feat: compatibility with Symfony 6 (#4503, #4582, #4604, #4564)
  • feat: compatibility with PHP 8.1 (#4503, #4582, #4604)
  • fix: pass the child context when normalizing nested non-resource objects (#4521)


  • fix(json-schema): consider SplFileInfo class as a binary type (#4332)
  • fix(json-schema): use collectionKeyType for building JSON Schema (#4385)
  • fix(openapi): failing recursion on api resources with “paths” key (#4325)
  • fix(graphql): make sure form content type is recognized as a multipart request (#4461)
  • fix(doctrine): handle inverse side of OneToOne association in Doctrine search filter (#4366)
  • fix(doctrine): usage of deprecated DBAL type constants (#4399)
  • fix(test): fix REMOTE_ADDR support in ApiTestCase (#4446)
  • fix(docs): use asset_package for all assets (#4470)
  • fix(docs): upgrade Swagger UI to version 3.52.3 (#4477)
  • fix(docs): upgrade ReDoc to version 2.0.0-rc.56 (#4477)
  • fix(docs): upgrade Swagger UI to version 2.0.0-rc.56 (#4477)


  • Fix various usage of various deprecated methods
  • JsonSchema: Update Hydra @context property possible types (#4223)
  • JsonSchema: Add hydra:previousto thehydra:view` schema properties (#4310)
  • Filter validation: Fix issue in Required filter validator with dot notation (#4221)
  • OpenAPI: Fix notice/warning for response without content in the openapi_context (#4210)
  • OpenAPI: Do not use output for request body (#4213)
  • OpenAPI: Do not use JSON-lD schema for all media types (#4247) (BC note: SchemaFactory::buildSchema() is now immutable as it no longer modifies the passed $schema)
  • OpenAPI: Allow setting extensionProperties with YAML schema definition (#4228)
  • OpenAPI: do not throw error with non-standard HTTP verb (#4304)
  • Serializer: Convert internal error to HTTP 400 in Ramsey uuid denormalization from invalid body string (#4200)
  • GraphQL: Fix FieldsBuilder not fully unwrapping nested types before deciding if a resolver is needed (#4251)
  • GraphQL: Do not use a resolver for the nested payload of a mutation or subscription (#4289)
  • GraphQL: Allow search filter to use an int for its value (#4295)
  • Varnish: Improve BAN regex performance (#4231)
  • MongoDB: Fix denormalization of properties with embeds many that omit target document directive (#4315)
  • MongoDB: Fix resolving proxy class in class metadata factory (#4322)
  • Test: Add withOptions() to our HttpClient implementation (#4282)
  • Metadata: Fix allow using constants in XML configuration (resource attribute) (#4321)


  • OpenAPI: Using an implicit flow is now valid, changes oauth configuration default values (#4115)
  • OpenAPI: Fix response support via the openapi_context (#4116)
  • OpenAPI: Fix Link->requestBody default value (#4116)
  • OpenAPI: Make sure we do not override defined parameters (#4138)
  • Swagger UI: Remove Google fonts (#4112)
  • Serializer: Fix denormalization of basic property-types in XML and CSV (#4145)
  • Serializer: Fix denormalization of collection with one element in XML (#4154)
  • JSON Schema: Manage Sequentially and AtLeastOneOf constraints when generating property metadata (#4139 and #4147)
  • JSON Schema: properties regex pattern is now correctly anchored (#4176 and #4198)
  • JSON Schema: Fix PropertySchemaLengthRestriction string-only (#4177)
  • Doctrine: Fix purging HTTP cache for unreadable relations (#3441)
  • Doctrine: Revert #3774 support for binary UUID in search filter (#4134)
  • Doctrine: Fix order filter when using embedded and nulls comparison (#4151)
  • Doctrine: Fix duplicated eager loading joins (#3525)
  • Doctrine: Fix joinRelations with multiple associations. (#2791)
  • Doctrine: Revert using defaults.order as collection.order (#4178)
  • GraphQL: Partial pagination support (#3223)
  • GraphQL: Manage pagination_use_output_walkers and pagination_fetch_join_collection for operations (#3311)
  • GraphQL: Make sure the order of order filters is preserved if nested resources are used (#4171)
  • Metadata: Sort mapping resources (#3256)
  • UUID: manage Ulid in format property schema restriction (#4148)
  • Symfony: Do not override Vary headers already set in the Response (#4146)
  • Symfony: Make Twig dependency lazy (#4187)
  • Compatibility with psr/cache version 2 and 3 (#4117)
  • Docs: Upgrade Swagger UI to version 3.46.0
  • Docs: Upgrade ReDoc to version 2.0.0-rc.51
  • Docs: Upgrade GraphiQL to version 1.4.1


  • Identifiers: Re-allow POST operations even if no identifier is defined (#4052)
  • Hydra: Fix partial pagination which no longer returns the hydra:next property (#4015)
  • Security: Use a NullToken when using the new authenticator manager in the resource access checker (#4067)
  • Mercure: Do not use data in options when deleting (#4056)
  • Doctrine: Support for foreign identifiers (#4042)
  • Doctrine: Support for binary UUID in search filter (#3774, reverted in 2.6.4)
  • Doctrine: Do not add join or lookup for search filter with empty value (#3703)
  • Doctrine: Reduce code duplication in search filter (#3541)
  • JSON Schema: Allow generating documentation when property and method start from “is” (property isActive and method isActive) (#4064)
  • OpenAPI: Fix missing 422 responses in the documentation (#4086)
  • OpenAPI: Fix error when schema is empty (#4051)
  • OpenAPI: Do not set scheme to oauth2 when generating securitySchemes (#4073)
  • OpenAPI: Fix missing $ref when no type is used in context (#4076)
  • GraphQL: Fix “Resource class cannot be determined.” error when a null iterable field is returned (#4092)
  • Metadata: Check the output class when calculating serializer groups (#3696)


  • Validation: properties regex pattern is now compliant with ECMA 262 (#4027)
  • OpenApi: normalizer is now backward compatible (#4016), fix the name converter issue changing OpenApi properties (#4019)
  • Identifiers: Break after transforming the identifier (#3985), use the identifiers context to transform with multiple classes (#4029)
  • JsonSchema: Revert ALLOW_EXTRA_ATTRIBUTE=false as it is a BC break and will be done in 3.0 instead see #3881 (#4007)
  • Subresource: fix ApiSubresource maxDepth option (#3986), recursive issue in the profiler (#4023)
  • OpenApi: Allow requestBody and parameters via the openapi_context (#4001), make openapi_context work on subresources (#4004), sort paths (#4013)
  • Config: Allow disabling OpenAPI and Swagger UI without loosing the schema (#3968 and #4018), fix pagination defaults (#4011)
  • DataPersister: context propagation fix (#3983)


  • Fix defaults when using attributes (#3978)


  • Cache: adds a max_header_length configuration (#2865)
  • Cache: support stale-while-revalidate and stale-if-error cache control headers (#3439)
  • Config: Add an option to set global default values (#3151)
  • DTO: Add ApiPlatform\Core\DataTransformer\DataTransformerInitializerInterface to pre-hydrate inputs (#3701)
  • DTO: Improve Input/Output support (#3231)
  • Data Persisters: Add previous_data to the context passed to persisters when available (#3752)
  • Data Persister: Add a ResumableDataPersisterInterface that allows to call multiple persisters (#3912)
  • Debug: Display API Platform’s version in the debug bar (#3235)
  • Docs: Make asset_package configurable (#3764)
  • Doctrine: Allow searching on multiple values on every strategies (#3786)
  • Elasticsearch: The Paginator class constructor now receives the denormalization context to support denormalizing documents using serialization groups. This change may cause potential BC breaks for existing applications as denormalization was previously done without serialization groups.
  • GraphQL: BC New syntax for the filters’ arguments to preserve the order: order: [{foo: 'asc'}, {bar: 'desc'}] (#3468)
  • GraphQL: BC operation is now operationName to follow the standard (#3568)
  • GraphQL: BC paginationType is now pagination_type (#3614)
  • GraphQL: Add page-based pagination (#3175, #3517)
  • GraphQL: Allow formatting GraphQL errors based on exceptions (#3063)
  • GraphQL: Errors thrown from the GraphQL library can now be handled (#3632, #3643)
  • GraphQL: Possibility to add a custom description for queries, mutations and subscriptions (#3477, #3514)
  • GraphQL: Subscription support with Mercure (#3321)
  • GraphQL: Support for field name conversion (serialized name) (#3455, #3516)
  • Hydra: Sort entries in the API entrypoint (#3091)
  • Identifiers: Add Symfony Uid support (#3715)
  • IriConverter: BC Fix double encoding in IRIs - may cause breaking change as some characters no longer encoded in output (#3552)
  • JSON-LD: Add an iri_only attribute to simplify documents structure (useful when using Vulcain) (#3275)
  • Exception: Response error codes can be specified via the ApiPlatform\Core\Exception\ErrorCodeSerializableInterface (#2922)
  • Mercure: Add a normalization_context option in mercure attribute (#3772)
  • Messenger: Add a context stamp containing contextual data (#3157)
  • Metadata: Deprecate InheritedPropertyMetadataFactory (#3273)
  • Metadata: Improve and simplify identifiers management (#3825)
  • Metadata: Support the Symfony Serializer’s @Ignore annotation (#3820)
  • Metadata: Support using annotations as PHP 8 attributes (#3869, #3868, #3851)
  • Metadata: Throw an error when no identifier is defined (#3871)
  • Metadata: Use id as default identifier if none provided (#3874)
  • MongoDB: Mercure support (#3290)
  • MongoDB: Possibility to add execute options (aggregate command fields) for a resource, like allowDiskUse (#3144)
  • OpenAPI: Add default values of PHP properties to the documentation (#2386)
  • OpenAPI: BC Replace all characters other than [a-zA-Z0-9\.\-_] to . in definition names to be compliant with OpenAPI 3.0 (#3669)
  • OpenAPI: Refactor OpenAPI v3 support, OpenAPI v2 (aka Swagger) is deprecated (#3407)
  • Order: Support default order for a specific custom operation (#3784)
  • PATCH: BC Support patching deep objects, previously new objects were created instead of updating current objects (#3847)
  • Router: UrlGenerator strategy configuration via url_generation_strategy (#3198)
  • Routing: Add stateless ApiResource attribute (#3436)
  • Security: Add support for access control rule on attributes (#3503)
  • Subresources: resourceClass can now be defined as a container parameter in XML and YAML definitions
  • Symfony: improved 5.x support with fewer deprecations (#3589)
  • Symfony: Allow using ItemNormalizer without Symfony SecurityBundle (#3801)
  • Symfony: Lazy load all commands (#3798)
  • Tests: adds a method to retrieve the CookieJar in the test Client getCookieJar
  • Tests: Fix the registration of the test.api_platform.client service when the FrameworkBundle bundle is registered after the ApiPlatformBundle bundle (#3928)
  • Validator: Add the violation code to the violation properties (#3857)
  • Validator: Allow customizing the validation error status code. BC Status code for validation errors is now 422, use exception_to_status to fallback to 400 if needed (#3808)
  • Validator: Autoconfiguration of validation groups generator via ApiPlatform\Core\Validator\ValidationGroupsGeneratorInterface
  • Validator: Deprecate using a validation groups generator service not implementing ApiPlatform\Core\Bridge\Symfony\Validator\ValidationGroupsGeneratorInterface (#3346)
  • Validator: Property validation through OpenAPI (#33329)
  • Validator: Query filters and parameters are validated (#1723)
  • ExceptionInterface now extends \Throwable (#3217)


  • Hydra: only display hydra:next when the item total is strictly greater than the number of items per page (#3967)


  • Fix a warning when preloading the AbstractPaginator class (#3827)
  • OpenAPI: prevent additionalProp1 from showing in example values (#3888)
  • Varnish: fix a bug when passing an empty list of tags to the purger (#3827)
  • JSON Schema: mark hydra:mapping properties as nullable (#3877)


  • PHP 8 support (#3791, #3745, #3855)
  • Metadata: Fix merging null values from annotations (#3711)
  • JSON-LD: Add missing @type from collection using output DTOs (#3699)
  • Cache: Improve PurgeHttpCacheListener performances (#3743)
  • Cache: Fix VarnishPurger max header length (#3843)
  • Identifiers: Do not denormalize the same identifier twice (#3762)
  • OpenAPI: Lazy load SwaggerCommand (#3802)
  • OpenAPI: Use Output class name instead of the Resource short name when available (#3741)
  • OpenAPI: Allow unset PathItem method (#4107)
  • Router: Replace baseurl only once (#3776)
  • Mercure: Publisher bug fixes (#3790, #3739)
  • Serializer: Catch NotNormalizableValueException to UnexpectedValueEception with inputs (#3697)
  • Doctrine: Do not add JOINs for filters without a value (#3703)
  • MongoDB: Escape search terms in RegexFilter (#3755)
  • Tests: Improve JSON Schema assertions (#3807, #3803, #3804, #3806, #3817, #3829, #3830)
  • Tests: Allow passing extra options in ApiTestClient (#3486)
  • Docs: Upgrade Swagger UI to version 3.37.2 (#3867)
  • Docs: Upgrade ReDoc to version 2.0.0-rc.45 (#3867)
  • Docs: Upgrade GraphiQL to version 15.3.0 (#3867)
  • Docs: Upgrade GraphQL Playground to version 1.7.26 (#3867)

For compatibility reasons with Symfony 5.2 and PHP 8, we do not test anymore the integration with these legacy packages:

  • FOSUserBundle
  • NelmioApiDoc 2


  • Compatibility with Symfony 5.1 (#3589 and #3688)
  • Resource Cache-Control HTTP header can be private (#3543)
  • Doctrine: Fix missing ManagerRegistry class (#3684)
  • Doctrine: Order filter doesn’t throw anymore with numeric key (#3673 and #3687)
  • Doctrine: Fix ODM check change tracking deferred (#3629)
  • Doctrine: Allow 2inflector version 2.0 (#3607)
  • OpenAPI: Allow subresources context to be added (#3685)
  • OpenAPI: Fix pagination documentation on subresources (#3678)
  • Subresource: Fix query when using a custom identifier (#3529 and #3671)
  • GraphQL: Fix relation types without Doctrine (#3591)
  • GraphQL: Fix DTO relations (#3594)
  • GraphQL: Compatibility with graphql-php version 14 (#3621 and #3654)
  • Docs: Upgrade Swagger UI to version 3.32.5 (#3693)
  • Docs: Upgrade ReDoc to version 2.0.0-rc.40 (#3693)
  • Docs: Upgrade GraphiQL to version 1.0.3 (#3693)
  • Docs: Upgrade GraphQL Playground to version 1.7.23 (#3693)


  • Add support for Mercure 0.10 (#3584)
  • Allow objects without properties (#3544)
  • Fix Ramsey uuid denormalization (#3473)
  • Revert #3331 as it breaks backwards compatibility
  • Handle deprecations from Doctrine Inflector (#3564)
  • JSON Schema: Missing JSON-LD context from Data Transformers (#3479)
  • GraphQL: Resource with no operations should be available through relations (#3532)


  • Filter: Improve the RangeFilter query in case the values are equals using the between operator (#3488)
  • Pagination: Fix bug with large values (#3451)
  • Doctrine: use the correct type within setParameter of the SearchFilter (#3331)
  • Allow \Traversable resources (#3463)
  • Hydra: hydra:writable => hydra:writeable (#3481)
  • Hydra: Show hydra:next only when it’s available (#3457)
  • Swagger UI: Missing default context argument (#3443)
  • Swagger UI: Fix API docs path in swagger ui (#3475)
  • OpenAPI: Export with unescaped slashes (#3368)
  • OpenAPI: OAuth flows fix (#3333)
  • JSON Schema: Fix metadata options (#3425)
  • JSON Schema: Allow decoration (#3417)
  • JSON Schema: Add DateInterval type (#3351)
  • JSON Schema: Correct schema generation for many types (#3402)
  • Validation: Use API Platform’s ValidationException instead of Symfony’s (#3414)
  • Validation: Fix a bug preventing to serialize validator’s payload (#3375)
  • Subresources: Improve queries when there’s only one level (#3396)
  • HTTP: Location header is only set on POST with a 201 or between 300 and 400 (#3497)
  • GraphQL: Do not allow empty cursor values on before or after (#3360)
  • Bump versions of Swagger UI, GraphiQL and GraphQL Playground (#3510)


  • Add a local cache in ResourceClassResolver::getResourceClass()
  • JSON Schema: Fix generation for non-resource class
  • Doctrine: Get class metadata only when it’s needed in SearchFilter
  • GraphQL: Better detection of collection type


  • Compatibility with Symfony 5
  • GraphQL: Fix hasNextPage when offset > itemsPerPage


  • Compatibility with Symfony 5 RC
  • Compatibility with NelmioCorsBundle 2
  • Fix the type of ApiResource::$paginationPartial
  • Ensure correct return type from AbstractItemNormalizer::normalizeRelation


  • Compatibility with Symfony 5 beta
  • Fix a notice in SerializerContextBuilder
  • Fix dashed path segment generation
  • Fix support for custom filters without constructors in the @ApiFilter annotation
  • Fix a bug that was preventing to disable Swagger/OpenAPI
  • Return a 404 HTTP status code instead of 500 whe the identifier is invalid (e.g.: invalid UUID)
  • Add links to the documentation in @ApiResource annotation’s attributes to improve DX
  • JSON:API: fix pagination being ignored when using the filter query parameter
  • Elasticsearch: Allow multiple queries to be set
  • OpenAPI: Do not append body parameter if it already exists
  • OpenAPI: Fix removal of illegal characters in schema name for Amazon API Gateway
  • Swagger UI: Add missing oauth2-redirect configuration
  • Swagger UI: Allow changing the location of Swagger UI
  • GraphQL: Fix an error that was occurring when SecurityBundle was not installed
  • HTTP/2 Server Push: Push relations as fetch


  • Fix BC-break when using short-syntax notation for access_control
  • Fix BC-break when no item operations are declared
  • GraphQL: Adding serialization group difference condition for item_query and collection_query types
  • JSON Schema: Fix command

2.5.0 beta 3

  • GraphQL: Use different types (MyTypeItem and MyTypeCollection) only if serialization groups are different for item_query and collection_query (#3083)

2.5.0 beta 2

  • Allow to not declare GET item operation
  • Add support for the Accept-Patch header
  • Make the maximum_items_per_page attribute consistent with other attributes controlling pagination
  • Allow to use a string instead of an array for serializer groups
  • Test: Add a helper method to find the IRI of a resource
  • Test: Add assertions for testing response against JSON Schema from API resource
  • GraphQL: Add support for multipart request so user can create custom file upload mutations (#3041)
  • GraphQL: Add support for name converter (#2765)

2.5.0 beta 1

  • Add an HTTP client dedicated to functional API testing (#2608)
  • Add PATCH support (#2895)
    Note: with JSON Merge Patch, responses will skip null values. As this may break on some endpoints, you need to manually add the merge-patch+json format to enable PATCH support. This will be the default behavior in API Platform 3.
  • Add a command to generate json schemas api:json-schema:generate (#2996)
  • Add infrastructure to generate a JSON Schema from a Resource ApiPlatform\Core\JsonSchema\SchemaFactoryInterface (#2983)
  • Replaces access_control by security and adds a security_post_denormalize attribute (#2992)
  • Add basic infrastructure for cursor-based pagination (#2532)
  • Change ExistsFilter syntax to exists[property], old syntax still supported see #2243, fixes its behavior on GraphQL (also related #2640).
  • Pagination with subresources (#2698)
  • Improve search filter id’s management (#1844)
  • Add support of name converter in filters (#2751, #2897), filter signature in abstract methods has changed see b42dfd198b1644904fd6a684ab2cedaf530254e3
  • Ability to change the Vary header via cacheHeaders attributes of a resource (#2758)
  • Ability to use the Query object in a paginator (#2493)
  • Compatibility with Symfony 4.3 (#2784)
  • Better handling of JsonSerializable classes (#2921)
  • Elasticsearch: Add pagination (#2919)
  • Add default, min, max specification in pagination parameter API docs (#3002)
  • Add a swagger version configuration option swagger.versions and deprecates the enable_swagger configuration option (#2998)
  • Order filter now documents asc/desc as enum (#2971)
  • GraphQL: BC Break Separate query resource operation attribute into item_query and collection_query operations so user can use different security and serialization groups for them (#2944, #3015)
  • GraphQL: Add support for custom queries and mutations (#2447)
  • GraphQL: Add support for custom types (#2492)
  • GraphQL: Better pagination support (backwards pagination) (#2142)
  • GraphQL: Support the pagination per resource (#3035)
  • GraphQL: Add the concept of stages in the workflow of the resolvers and add the possibility to disable them with operation attributes (#2959)
  • GraphQL: Add GraphQL Playground besides GraphiQL and add the possibility to change the default IDE (or to disable it) for the GraphQL endpoint (#2956, #2961)
  • GraphQL: Add a command to print the schema in SDL api:graphql:export > schema.graphql (#2600)
  • GraphQL: Improve serialization performance by avoiding calls to the serialize PHP function (#2576)
  • GraphQL: Allow to use a search and an exist filter on the same resource (#2243)
  • GraphQL: Refactor the architecture of the whole system to allow the decoration of useful services (TypeConverter to manage custom types, SerializerContextBuilder to modify the (de)serialization context dynamically, etc.) (#2772)


Please read #2825 if you have issues with the behavior of Readable/Writable Link


  • Fix passing context to data persisters’ remove method
  • Ensure OpenAPI normalizers properly expose the date format
  • Add source maps for Swagger UI
  • Improve error message when filter class is not imported
  • Add missing autowiring alias for Pagination
  • Doctrine: ensure that EntityManagerInterface is used in data providers


  • GraphQL: Use correct resource configuration for filter arguments of nested collection
  • Swagger UI: compatibility with Internet Explorer 11
  • Varnish: Prevent cache miss by generating IRI for child related resources
  • Messenger: Unwrap exception thrown in handler for Symfony Messenger 4.3
  • Fix remaining Symfony 4.3 deprecation notices
  • Prevent cloning non cloneable objects in previous_data
  • Return a 415 HTTP status code instead of a 406 one when a faulty Content-Type is sent
  • Fix WriteListener trying to generate IRI for non-resources
  • Allow extracting blank values from composite identifier


  • Fix denormalization of a constructor argument which is a collection of non-resources
  • Allow custom operations to return a different class than the expected resource class


  • Store the original data in the previous_data request attribute, and allow to access it in security expressions using the previous_object variable (useful for PUT and PATCH requests)
  • Fix resource inheritance handling
  • Fix BC break in AbstractItemNormalizer introduced in 2.4
  • Fix serialization when using interface as resource
  • Basic compatibility with Symfony 4.3


  • Doctrine: allow autowiring of filter classes

  • Doctrine: don’t use fetchJoinCollection on Paginator when not needed

  • Doctrine: fix a BC break in OrderFilter

  • GraphQL: input objects aren’t nullable anymore (compliance with the Relay spec)

  • Cache: Remove some useless purges

  • Mercure: publish to Mercure using the default response format

  • Mercure: use the Serializer context

  • OpenAPI: fix documentation of the PropertyFilter

  • OpenAPI: fix generation of the servers block (also fixes the compatibility with Postman)

  • OpenAPI: skip not readable and not writable properties from the spec

  • OpenAPI: add the id path parameter for POST item operation

  • Serializer: add support for Symfony Serializer’s @SerializedName metadata

  • Metadata: ApiResource’s attributes property now defaults to null, as expected

  • Metadata: Fix identifier support when using an interface as resource class

  • Metadata: the HTTP method is now always uppercased

  • Allow to disable listeners per operation (fix handling of empty request content)

    Previously, empty request content was allowed for any POST and PUT operations. This was an unsafe assumption which caused other problems.

    If you wish to allow empty request content, please add "deserialize"=false to the operation’s attributes. For example:

    // api/src/Entity/Book.php
    use ApiPlatform\Core\Annotation\ApiResource;
    use App\Controller\PublishBookAction;
     * @ApiResource(
     *     itemOperations={
     *         "put_publish"={
     *             "method"="PUT",
     *             "path"="/books/{id}/publish",
     *             "controller"=PublishBookAction::class,
     *             "deserialize"=false,
     *         },
     *     },
     * )
    class Book

    You may also need to add "validate"=false if the controller result is null (possibly because you don’t need to persist the resource).

  • Return the 204 HTTP status code when the output class is set to null

  • Be more resilient when normalizing non-resource objects

  • Replace the data request attribute by the return of the data persister

  • Fix error message in identifiers extractor

  • Improve the bundle’s default configuration when using symfony/symfony is required

  • Fix the use of MetadataAwareNameConverter when available (configuring name_converter: serializer.name_converter.metadata_aware will now result in a circular reference error)


  • Fix a dependency injection problem in FilterEagerLoadingExtension
  • Improve performance by adding a NoOpScalarNormalizer handling scalar values


  • Improve performance of the dev environment and deprecate the api_platform.metadata_cache parameter
  • Fix a BC break in SearchFilter
  • Don’t send HTTP cache headers for unsuccessful responses
  • GraphQL: parse input and messenger metadata on the GraphQl operation
  • GraphQL: do not enable graphql when webonyx/graphql-php is not installed


  • Listeners are now opt-in when not handling API Platform operations
  • DISTINCT is not used when there are no joins
  • Preserve manual join in FilterEagerLoadingExtension
  • The elasticsearch attribute can be disabled resource-wise or per-operation
  • The messenger attribute can now take the input string as a value (messenger="input"). This will use a default transformer so that the given input is directly sent to the messenger handler.
  • The messenger attribute can be declared per-operation
  • Mercure updates are now published after the Doctrine flush event instead of on kernel.terminate, so the Mercure and the Messenger integration can be used together
  • Use Symfony’s MetadataAwareNameConverter when available
  • Change the extension’s priorities (<0) for improved compatibility with Symfony’s autoconfiguration feature. If you have custom extensions we recommend to use positive priorities.
Service nameOld priorityNew priorityClass
api_platform.doctrine.orm.query_extension.eager_loading (collection)-8ApiPlatform\Core\Bridge\Doctrine\Orm\Extension\EagerLoadingExtension
api_platform.doctrine.orm.query_extension.eager_loading (item)-8ApiPlatform\Core\Bridge\Doctrine\Orm\Extension\EagerLoadingExtension
  • Fix JSON-LD contexts when using output classes
  • GraphQl: Fix pagination (the endCursor behavior was wrong)
  • GraphQl: Improve output/input behavior
  • GraphQl: Improve mutations (make the clientMutationId nullable and return mutation payload as an object)
  • MongoDB: Fix search filter when searching by related collection id
  • MongoDB: Fix numeric and range filters

2.4.0 beta 2

  • Fix version constraints for Doctrine MongoDB ODM
  • Respect _api_respond request attribute in the SerializeListener
  • Change the normalizer’s priorities (< 0). If you have custom normalizer we recommend to use positive priorities.
Service nameOld priorityNew priorityClass
  • Allow custom stylesheets to be appended or replaced in the swagger UI
  • Load messenger only if available
  • Fix missing metadata cache pool for Elasticsearch
  • Make use of the new AdvancedNameConverterInterface interface for name converters
  • Refactor input/output attributes, where these attributes now take:
    • an array specifying a class and some specific attributes (name and iri if needed)
    • a string representing the class
    • a falsy boolean to disable the input/output
  • Introduce the DataTransformer concept to transform an input/output from/to a resource
  • Api Platform normalizer is not limited to Resources anymore (you can use DTO as relations and more…)
  • MongoDB: allow a 0 limit in the pagination
  • Fix support of a discriminator mapping in an entity

2.4.0 beta 1

  • MongoDB: full support
  • Elasticsearch: add reading support (including pagination, sort filter and term filter)
  • Mercure: automatically push updates to clients using the Mercure protocol
  • CQRS support and async message handling using the Symfony Messenger Component
  • OpenAPI: add support for OpenAPI v3 in addition to OpenAPI v2
  • OpenAPI: support generating documentation using ReDoc
  • OpenAPI: basic hypermedia hints using OpenAPI v3 links
  • OpenAPI: expose the pagination controls
  • Allow using custom classes for input and output (DTO) with the input_class and output_class attributes
  • Allow disabling the input or the output by setting input_class and output_class to false
  • Guess and automatically set the appropriate Schema.org IRIs for common validation constraints
  • Allow setting custom cache HTTP headers using the cache_headers attribute
  • Allow setting the HTTP status code to send to the client through the status attribute
  • Add support for the Sunset HTTP header using the sunset attribute
  • Set the Content-Location and Location headers when appropriate for better RFC7231 conformance
  • Display the matching data provider and data persister in the debug panel
  • GraphQL: improve performance by lazy loading types
  • Add the api_persist request attribute to enable or disable the WriteListener
  • Allow setting a default context in all normalizers
  • Permit using a string instead of an array when there is only one serialization group
  • Add support for setting relations using the constructor of the resource classes
  • Automatically set a 409 Conflict HTTP status code when an OptimisticLockException is thrown
  • Resolve Dependency Injection Container parameters in the XML and YAML files for the resource class configuration
  • RequestAttributesExtractor is not internal anymore and can be used in userland code
  • Always use the user-defined metadata when set
  • OpenAPI: add a description explaining how to use the property filter
  • GraphQL: the look’n’feel of GraphiQL now match the API Platform one
  • PHPStan level 6 compliance
  • Add a show_webby configuration option to hide the spider in API docs
  • Add an easter egg (find it!)


  • /!\ Security: a vulnerability impacting the GraphQL subsystem was allowing users authorized to run mutations for a specific resource type, to execute it on any resource, of any type (CVE-2019-1000011)
  • Fix normalization of raw collections (not API resources)
  • Fix content negotiation format matching


  • GraphQL: compatibility with webonyx/graphql-php 0.13
  • OpenAPI/Swagger: expose properties[] as a collection parameter
  • OpenAPI/Swagger: add a description for the properties[] filter
  • OpenAPI/Swagger: Leverage advanced name converters
  • JSON-LD: Prevent an error in ItemNormalizer when $context['resource_class'] is not defined
  • Allow to pass the serialization group to use a string instead of as an array of one element
  • Modernize the code base to use PHP 7.1 features when possible
  • Bump minimal dependencies of the used Symfony components
  • Improve the Packagist description


  • Open API/Swagger: fix YAML export
  • Open API/Swagger: Correctly expose overridden formats
  • GraphQL: display the stack trace when in debug mode
  • GraphQL: prevent a crash when the class name isn’t provided
  • Fix handling of one-to-one relations in subresources
  • Fix max depth handling when eager fetching is disabled
  • Compatibility with Symfony 4.2
  • Prevent calling the remove method from all data persisters
  • Persist Doctrine entities with the DEFERRED_EXPLICIT change tracking policy
  • Throw an InvalidArgumentException when trying to get an item from a collection route
  • Improve the debug bar panel visibility
  • Take into account the route_prefix attribute in subresources
  • Allow using multiple values with NumericFilter
  • Improve exception handling in ReadListener by adding the previous exception


  • Doctrine: revert “prevent data duplication in Eager loaded relations”


  • Open API/Swagger: detect correctly collection parameters
  • Open API/Swagger: fix serialization of nested objects when exporting as YAML
  • GraphQL: fix support of properties also mapped as subresources
  • GraphQL: fix retrieving the internal _id when id is not part of the requested fields
  • GraphQL: only exposes the mutations if any
  • Doctrine: prevent data duplication in Eager loaded relations
  • Preserve the host in the internal router


  • Data persisters: call only the 1st matching data persister, this fix may break existing code, see https://github.com/api-platform/docs/issues/540#issuecomment-405945358
  • Subresources: fix inverse side population
  • Subresources: add subresources collections to cache tags
  • Subresources: fix Doctrine identifier parameter type detection
  • Subresources: fix max depth handling
  • GraphQL: send a 200 HTTP status code when a GraphQL response contain some errors
  • GraphQL: fix filters to allow dealing with multiple values
  • GraphQL: remove invalid and useless parameters from the GraphQL schema
  • GraphQL: use the collection resolver in mutations
  • JSON API: remove duplicate data from includes
  • Filters: fix composite keys support
  • Filters: fix the OrderFilter when applied on nested entities
  • List Doctrine Inflector as a hard dependency
  • Various quality and usability improvements


  • Add support for deprecating resources, operations and fields in GraphQL, Hydra and Swagger
  • Add API Platform panels in the Symfony profiler and in the web debug toolbar
  • Make resource class’s constructor parameters writable
  • Add support for interfaces as resources
  • Add a shortcut syntax to define attributes at the root of @ApiResource and @ApiProperty annotations
  • Throw an exception if a required filter isn’t set
  • Allow to specify the message when access is denied using the access_control_message attribute
  • Add a new option to include null results when using the date filter
  • Allow data persisters to return a new instance instead of mutating the existing one
  • Add a new attribute to configure specific formats per resources or operations
  • Add an --output option to the api:swagger:export command
  • Implement the CacheableSupportsMethodInterface introduced in Symfony 4.1 in all (de)normalizers (improves the performance dramatically)
  • Drop support for PHP 7.0
  • Upgrade Swagger UI and GraphiQL
  • GraphQL: Add a totalCount field in GraphQL paginated collections
  • JSONAPI: Allow inclusion of related resources


  • /!\ Security: a vulnerability impacting the GraphQL subsystem was allowing users authorized to run mutations for a specific resource type, to execute it on any resource, of any type (CVE-2019-1000011)


  • Fix ExistsFilter for inverse side of OneToOne association
  • Fix to not populate subresource inverse side
  • Improve the overall code quality (PHPStan analysis)


  • Fix support for max depth when using subresources
  • Fix a fatal error when a subresource type is not defined
  • Add support for group sequences in the validator configuration
  • Add a local class metadata cache in the HAL normalizer
  • FilterEagerLoadingExtension now accepts joins with class name as join value


  • Compatibility with Symfony 4.1
  • Compatibility with webonyx/graphql-php 0.12
  • Add missing ApiPlatform\Core\EventListener\EventPriorities’s PRE_SERIALIZE and POST_SERIALIZE constants
  • Disable eager loading when no groups are specified to avoid recursive joins
  • Fix embeddable entities eager loading with groups
  • Don’t join the same association twice when eager loading
  • Fix max depth handling when using HAL
  • Check the value of enable_max_depth if defined
  • Minor performance and quality improvements


  • Fix identifiers creation and update when using GraphQL
  • Fix nested properties support when using filters with GraphQL
  • Fix a bug preventing the ExistFilter to work properly with GraphQL
  • Fix a bug preventing to use a custom denormalization context when using GraphQL
  • Enforce the compliance with the JSONAPI spec by throwing a 400 error when using the “inclusion of related resources” feature
  • Update ChainSubresourceDataProvider to take into account RestrictedDataProviderInterface
  • Fix the cached identifiers extractor support for stringable identifiers
  • Allow a POST request to have an empty body
  • Fix a crash when the ExpressionLanguage component isn’t installed
  • Enable item route on collection’s subresources
  • Fix an issue with subresource filters, was incorrectly adding filters for the parent instead of the subresource
  • Throw when a subresources identifier is not found
  • Allow subresource items in the IriConverter
  • Don’t send the Link HTTP header pointing to the Hydra documentation if docs are disabled
  • Fix relations denormalization with plain identifiers
  • Prevent the OrderFilter to trigger faulty deprecation notices
  • Respect the fetchEager=false directive on an association in the EagerLoadingExtension
  • Use the configured name converter (if any) for relations in the HAL’s ItemNormalizer
  • Use the configured name converter (if any) in the ConstraintViolationListNormalizer
  • Dramatically improve the overall performance by fixing the normalizer’s cache key generation
  • Improve the performance CachedRouteNameResolver and CachedSubresourceOperationFactory by adding a local memory cache layer
  • Improve the performance of access control checking when using GraphQL
  • Improve the performance by using isResourceClass when possible
  • Remove a useless try/catch in the CachedTrait
  • Forward the operation name to the IriConverter
  • Fix some more code quality issues


  • Fix various issues preventing the metadata cache to work properly (performance fix)
  • Fix a cache corruption issue when using subresources
  • Fix non-standard outputs when using the HAL format
  • Persist data in Doctrine DataPersister only if needed
  • Fix identifiers handling in GraphQL mutations
  • Fix client-side ID creation or update when using GraphQL mutations
  • Fix an error that was occurring when the Expression Language component wasn’t installed
  • Update the ChainSubresourceDataProvider class to take into account RestrictedDataProviderInterface


  • Fix a BC break preventing to pass non-arrays to the builtin Symfony normalizers when using custom normalizers
  • Fix a bug when using FilterEagerLoadingExtension with manual joins
  • Fix some bugs in the AWS API Gateway compatibility mode for Open API/Swagger


  • Fix object state inconsistency after persistence
  • Allow using multiple @ApiFilter annotations on the same class
  • Fix a BC break when the serialization context builder depends of the retrieved data
  • Fix a bug regarding collections handling in the GraphQL endpoint


  • Autoregister classes implementing SubresourceDataProviderInterface
  • Fix the DateTimeImmutable support in the date filter
  • Fix a BC break in DocumentationAction impacting NelmioApiDoc
  • Fix the context passed to data providers (improve the eager loading)
  • Fix fix a subresource’s metadata cache bug
  • Fix the configuration detection when using a custom directory structure


  • Merge bug fixes from older branches


  • Add GraphQL support (including mutations, pagination, filters, access control rules and automatic SQL joins)
  • Fully implement the GraphQL Relay Server specification
  • Add JSONAPI support
  • Add a new @ApiFilter annotation to directly configure filters from resource classes
  • Add a partial paginator that prevents COUNT() SQL queries
  • Add a new simplified way to configure operations
  • Add an option to serialize Validator’s payloads (e.g. error levels)
  • Add support for generators in data providers
  • Add a new allow_plain_identifiers option to allow using plain IDs as identifier instead of IRIs
  • Add support for resource names without namespace
  • Automatically enable FOSUser support if the bundle is installed
  • Add an AbstractCollectionNormalizer to help supporting custom formats
  • Deprecate NelmioApiDocBundle 2 support (upgrade to v3, it has native API Platform support)
  • Deprecate the ApiPlatform\Core\Bridge\Doctrine\EventListener\WriteListener class in favor of the new ApiPlatform\Core\EventListener\WriteListener class.
  • Remove the api_platform.doctrine.listener.view.write event listener service.
  • Add a data persistence layer with a new ApiPlatform\Core\DataPersister\DataPersisterInterface interface.
  • Add a new configuration to disable the API entrypoint and the documentation
  • Allow setting maximum items per page at operation/resource level
  • Add the ability to customize the message when configuring an access control rule trough the access_control_message attribute
  • Allow empty operations in XML configs


  • Add a new config option to specify the directories containing resource classes
  • Fix a bug regarding the ordering filter when dealing with embedded fields
  • Allow to autowire the router
  • Fix the base path handling the Swagger/Open API documentation normalizer


  • Add support for filters autoconfiguration with Symfony 3.4+
  • Add service aliases required to use the autowiring with Symfony 3.4+
  • Allow updating nested resource when issuing a POST HTTP request
  • Add support for the immutable date and time types introduced in Doctrine
  • Fix the Doctrine query generated to retrieve nested subresources
  • Fix several bugs in the automatic eager loading support
  • Fix a bug occurring when passing neither an IRI, nor an array in an embedded relation
  • Allow requesting 0 items per page in collections
  • Copy the Host from the Symfony Router
  • Paginator::getLastPage() now always returns a float
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Minor quality fixes


  • Symfony 3.4 and 4.0 compatibility
  • Autowiring strict mode compatibility
  • Fix a bug preventing to create resource classes in the global namespace
  • Fix Doctrine type conversion in filters WHERE clauses
  • Fix filters when using eager loading and non-association composite identifier
  • Fix Doctrine type resolution for identifiers (for custom DBALType)
  • Add missing Symfony Routing options to operations configuration
  • Add SubresourceOperations to metadata
  • Fix disabling of cache pools with the dev environment


  • Don’t use dynamic values in Varnish-related service keys (improves Symfony 3.3 compatibility)
  • Hydra: Fix the value of owl:allValuesFrom in the API documentation
  • Swagger: Include the context even when the type is null
  • Minor code and PHPDoc cleanups


  • PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Symfony 4 compatibility
  • Fix the Swagger UI documentation for specific routes (the API request wasn’t executed automatically anymore)
  • Add a missing cache tag on empty collections
  • Fix a missing service when no Varnish URL is defined
  • Fix the whitelist comparison in the property filer
  • Fix some bugs regarding subresources in the Swagger and Hydra normalizers
  • Make route requirements configurable
  • Make possible to configure the Swagger context for properties
  • Better exception messages when there is a content negotiation error
  • Use the PriorityTaggedServiceTrait provided by Symfony instead of a custom implementation
  • Test upstream libs deprecations
  • Various quality fixes and tests cleanup


  • Fix path generators
  • Fix some method signatures related to subresources
  • Improve performance of the deserialization mechanism


  • Add a builtin HTTP cache invalidation system able to store all requests in Varnish (or any other proxy supporting cache tags) and purge it instantly when needed
  • Add an authorization system configurable directly from the resource class
  • Add support for subresources (like /posts/1/comments or /posts/1/comments/2
  • Revamp the automatic documentation UI (upgraded to the React-based version of Swagger UI, added a custom stylesheet)
  • Add a new filter to select explicitly which properties to serialize
  • Add a new filter to choose which serialization group to apply
  • Add a new filter to test if a property value exists or not
  • Add support for OAuth 2 in the UI
  • Add support for embedded fields
  • Add support for customizable API resources folder’s name
  • Filters’s ids now defaults to the Symfony’s service name
  • Add configuration option to define custom metadata loader paths
  • Make Swagger UI compatible with a strict CSP environment
  • Add nulls comparison to OrderFilter
  • Add a flag to disable all request listeners
  • Add a default order option in the configuration
  • Allow to disable all operations using the XML configuration format and deprecate the previous format
  • Allow upper-cased property names
  • Improve the overall performance by optimizing RequestAttributesExtractor
  • Improve the performance of the filter subsystem by using a PSR-11 service locator and deprecate the FilterCollection class
  • Add compatibility with Symfony Flex and Symfony 4
  • Allow the Symfony Dependency Injection component to autoconfigure data providers and query extensions
  • Allow to use service for dynamic validation groups
  • Allow using PHP constants in YAML resources files
  • Upgrade to the latest version of the Hydra spec
  • Add pagination and itemPerPage parameters in the Swagger/Open API documentation
  • Add support for API key authentication in Swagger UI
  • Allow to specify a whitelist of serialization groups
  • Allow to use the new immutable date and time types of Doctrine in filters
  • Update swagger definition keys to more verbose ones (ie Resource-md5($groups) => Resource-groupa_groupb) - see https://github.com/api-platform/core/pull/1207


  • Ensure PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Fix some bug regarding Doctrine joins
  • Let the hydra_context option take precedence over operation metadata
  • Fix relations handling by the non-hypermedia ItemNormalizer (raw JSON, XML)
  • Fix a bug in the JSON-LD context: should not be prefixed by #
  • Fix a bug regarding serialization groups in Hydra docs


  • Performance improvement
  • Swagger: Allow non-numeric IDs (such as UUIDs) in URLs
  • Fix a bug when a composite identifier is missing
  • ApiPlatform\Core\Bridge\Doctrine\Orm\Filter\OrderFilter::extractProperties now always return an array
  • Fix NelmioApiDocParser recursive relations


  • Add support for Symfony 3.3
  • Disable the partial eager loading by default
  • Fix support for ignored attributes in normalizers
  • Specify the LEFT JOIN clause for filter associations
  • Move the metadata from validator factory to the validator.xml file
  • Throw an exception when the number of items per page is 0
  • Improve the Continuous Integration process


  • Leverage serialization groups to eager load data
  • Fix the Swagger Normalizer to correctly support nested serialization groups
  • Use strict types
  • Get rid of the dependency to the Templating component
  • Explicitly add missing dependency to PropertyAccess component
  • Allow the operation name to be null in ResourceMetadata
  • Fix an undefined index error occurring in some cases when using sub types
  • Make the bundle working even when soft dependencies aren’t installed
  • Fix serialization of multiple inheritance child types
  • Fix the priority of the FOSUSer’s event listener
  • Fix the resource class resolver with using \Traversable values
  • Fix inheritance of property metadata for the Doctrine ORM property metadata factory
  • EagerLoadingExtension: Disable partial fetching if entity has subclasses
  • Refactoring and cleanup of the eager loading mechanism
  • Fix the handling of composite identifiers
  • Fix HAL normalizer when the context isn’t serializable
  • Fix some quality problems found by PHPStan


  • [security] Hide error’s message in prod mode when a 500 error occurs (Api Problem format)
  • Fix sorting when eager loading is used
  • Allow eager loading when using composite identifiers
  • Don’t use automatic eager loading when disabled in the config
  • Use declare(strict_types=1) and improve coding standards
  • Automatically refresh routes in dev mode when a resource is created or deleted


  • Correct the XML Schema type generated for floats in the Hydra documentation


  • Fix a bug when multiple filters are applied


  • [security] Hide error’s message in prod mode when a 500 error occurs
  • Prevent duplicate data validation
  • Fix filter Eager Loading
  • Fix the Hydra documentation for ConstraintViolationList
  • Fix some edge cases with the automatic configuration of Symfony
  • Remove calls to each() (deprecated since PHP 7.2)
  • Add a missing property in EagerLoadingExtension


  • Fix a bug when handling invalid IRIs
  • Allow to have a property called id even in JSON-LD
  • Exclude static methods from AnnotationPropertyNameCollectionFactory
  • Improve compatibility with Symfony 2.8


  • Fix the support of the Symfony’s serializer @MaxDepth annotation
  • Fix property range of relations in the Hydra doc when an IRI is used
  • Fix an error “api:swagger:export” command when decorating the Swagger normalizer
  • Fix an error in the Swagger documentation generator when a property has several serialization groups


  • Various fixes related to automatic eager loading
  • Symfony 3.2 compatibility


  • Full refactoring
  • Use PHP 7
  • Add support for content negotiation
  • Add Swagger/OpenAPI support
  • Integrate Swagger UI
  • Add HAL support
  • Add API Problem support
  • Update the Hydra support to be in sync with the last version of the spec
  • Full rewrite of the metadata system (annotations, YAML and XML formats support)
  • Remove the event system in favor of the builtin Symfony kernel’s events
  • Use the ADR pattern
  • Fix a ton of issues
  • ItemDataproviderInterface: fetchData is now in the context parameterer. getItemFromIri is now context aware 7f82fd7
  • Constants for event’s priorities 2e7b73e
  • Properties mapping with XML/YAML is now possible ef5d037
  • Ability to configure and match exceptions with an HTTP status code e9c1863
  • Various fixes and improvements (SwaggerUI, filters, stricter property metadata)


  • Fix a case typo in a namespace alias in the Hydra documentation

1.1.0 beta 2

  • Allow to configure the default controller to use
  • Ability to add route requirements
  • Add a range filter
  • Search filter: add a case sensitivity setting
  • Search filter: fix the behavior of the search filter when 0 is provided as value
  • Search filter: allow using identifiers different from id
  • Exclude tests from classmap
  • Fix some deprecations and tests

1.1.0 beta 1

  • Support Symfony 3.0
  • Support nested properties in Doctrine filters
  • Add new start and word_start strategies to the Doctrine Search filter
  • Add support for abstract resources
  • Add a new option to totally disable Doctrine
  • Remove the ID attribute from the Hydra documentation when it is read only
  • Add method to avoid naming collision of DQL join alias and bound parameter name
  • Make exception available in the Symfony Debug Toolbar
  • Improve the Doctrine Paginator performance in some cases
  • Enhance HTTPS support and fix some bugs in the router
  • Fix some edge cases in the date and time normalizer
  • Propagate denormalization groups through relations
  • Run tests against all supported Symfony versions
  • Add a contribution documentation
  • Refactor tests
  • Check CS with StyleCI


  • Avoid an error if the attribute isn’t an array


  • Extract the documentation in a separate repository
  • Add support for eager loading in collections

1.0.0 beta 3

  • The Hydra documentation URL is now /apidoc (was /vocab)
  • Exceptions implements Dunglas\ApiBundle\Exception\ExceptionInterface
  • Prefix automatically generated route names by api_
  • Automatic detection of the method of the entity class returning the identifier when using Doctrine (previously getId() was always used)
  • New extension point in Dunglas\ApiBundle\Doctrine\Orm\DataProvider allowing to customize Doctrine paginator and performance optimization when using typical queries
  • New Dunglas\ApiBundle\JsonLd\Event\Events::CONTEXT_BUILDER event allowing to modify the JSON-LD context
  • Change HTTP status code from 202 to 200 for PUT requests
  • Ability to embed the JSON-LD context instead of embedding it

1.0.0 beta 2

  • Preserve indexes when normalizing and denormalizing associative arrays
  • Allow setting default order for property when registering a Doctrine\Orm\Filter\OrderFilter instance

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