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v2.6 Quasar Framework Generator
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# Quasar Framework Generator

Create a Quasar Framework application using quasar-cli:

quasar create my-app
cd my-app

In the app directory, generate the files for the resource you want:

npx @api-platform/client-generator https://demo.api-platform.com src/ --generator quasar --resource foo

Replace the URL by the entrypoint of your Hydra-enabled API. Omit the resource flag to generate files for all resource types exposed by the API.

The code is ready to be executed! Register the generated routes:

// src/router/routes.js
import fooRoutes from '../generated/router/foo';

const routes = [
    path: '/',
    component: () => import('layouts/MyLayout.vue'),
    children: [

And add the modules to the store:

// src/store/index.js
// Replace "foo" with the name of the resource type
import foo from '../generated/store/modules/foo/';

export default function(/* { ssrContext } */) {
  const Store = new Vuex.Store({
    modules: {

Finally, make sure to update the config:

// quasar.conf.js
framework: {
  components: [

    // ...
  directives: [..., 'ClosePopup'],
  plugins: ['Notify'],
  config: {
    // ...
    notify: {
      position: 'top',
      multiLine: true,
      timeout: 0,

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