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v2.6 Deploying to Minikube
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# Deploying to Minikube

# Install Minikube

If you haven’t an existing installation of Minikube on your computer, follow the official tutorial.

When Minkube is installed, start the cluster:

minikube start --addons registry --addons dashboard

The previous command starts Minikube with a Docker registry (we’ll use it in the next step) and with the Kubernetes dashboard.

If you use Mac or Windows, refer to the documentation to learn how to expose the Docker registry installed as an addon on the port 5000 of the host.

Finally, install Helm. We’ll use it to deploy the application in the cluster thanks to the chart provided in the API Platform distribution.

# Building and Pushing Docker Images

First, build the images:

docker build -t localhost:5000/php api --target api_platform_php
docker build -t localhost:5000/caddy api --target api_platform_caddy
docker build -t localhost:5000/pwa pwa --target api_platform_pwa_prod

Then push the images in the registry installed in Minikube:

docker push localhost:5000/php
docker push localhost:5000/caddy
docker push localhost:5000/pwa

# Deploying

Finally, deploy the project using the Helm chart:

$ helm install my-project helm/api-platform \
  --set php.image.repository=localhost:5000/php \
  --set php.image.tag=latest \
  --set caddy.image.repository=localhost:5000/caddy \
  --set caddy.image.tag=latest \
  --set pwa.image.repository=localhost:5000/pwa \
  --set pwa.image.tag=latest

Copy and paste the commands displayed in the terminal to enable the port forwarding then go to http://localhost:8080 to access your application!

Run minikube dashboard at any moment to see the state of your deployments.

You can also help us improve the documentation of this page.

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