v3.0 API Platform Create Client

API Platform Create Client

Create Client is the fastest way to scaffold fully featured webapps and native mobile apps from APIs supporting the Hydra or OpenAPI format.


Generated React and React Native Apps, Updated in Real Time

It is able to generate apps using the following frontend stacks:

Create Client works especially well with APIs built with the API Platform framework.


  • Generates high-quality TypeScript:
    • list view (with pagination)
    • detail view
    • creation form
    • update form
    • delete button
  • Supports to-one and to-many relations
  • Uses the appropriate input type (number, date…)
  • Client-side validation
  • Subscribes to data updates pushed by servers supporting the Mercure protocol
  • Displays server-side validation errors under the related input (if using API Platform Core)
  • Integration with Tailwind CSS (NextJS) or Bootstrap and FontAwesome (other generators)
  • Integration with React Native Elements
  • Accessible to people with disabilities (ARIA support in webapps)

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