Clément Sanchez

Clément Sanchez

Lead developer @ PerfectDraft

Clément Sanchez

About Clément

Clément Sanchez is Lead Developer at PerfectDraft (

Formerly in charge of a sports complex, he became a web developer 5 years ago.

He found a way to combine his two great passions: beer and development.

He arrived at PerfectDraft as an intern and has evolved within the company thanks to his thirst for learning and his management experience.

Clément's schedule

Con day 1
Track #FR
Sep 15, 2022
11:55 AM - 12:35 PM

REX : API Platform au quotidien dans une entreprise e-commerce et logistique

Tirez parti d'API Platform dans une grosse application grâce à quelques tips and tricks.

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