Hubert Lenoir

Hubert Lenoir

Lead developer @ Sensiolabs

Hubert Lenoir

About Hubert

After several years in a web agency, Hubert embarked on a new adventure with SensioLabs in 2015 which led to him now being a Tech Lead.

He likes to learn as much as to pass on his knowledge. Passionate about development, especially Symfony (of course), he would love having a beard like a real geek but his facial hair refuses.

Oh, one last thing, it's name is Hubert (pronounced y.bɛʁ), not Uber. He won't bring you your lunch at noon!

Hubert's schedule

Con day 1
Track #FR
Sep 15, 2022
14:00 PM - 14:40 PM

Réutiliser et partager vos opérations personnalisées avec API Platform

Découvrons comment réduire la duplication de code en partageant la configuration des resources.

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