Jérémy Jarrié

Jérémy Jarrié

Lead developer @ Sensiolabs

About Jérémy

Several years of self-training in software development gave him a taste for doing things in a coherent, organized and efficient way.

Specialized in software architectures, good development practices and software quality, he has led several methodology changes in companies and implemented restructuring of important projects in a progressive and team-oriented way.

As a developer, he is mainly involved in backend layers, high volume processing and hardware interfacing (to summarize: technical environments with strong constraints).

Jérémy's schedule

Con Day 2
Track FR

Sep 15, 2022

Réutiliser et partager vos opérations personnalisées avec API Platform

14:00 PM - 14:40 PM

Découvrons comment réduire la duplication de code en partageant la configuration des resources.

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