Jérôme Tanghe

Jérôme Tanghe

Developer @ Les-Tilleuls.coop

Jérôme Tanghe

About Jérôme

Jérôme started developing in high school, and he quickly became passionate about code. Today he works as back-end developer at Les-Tilleuls.coop, and he's an active contributor to API Platform.

Jérôme is also a big fan of astronomy, and he combined his two passions by creating Kosmorro, a program to calculate ephemerides. If you can't find him in front of his computer, he's probably outside looking through his telescope.

Jérôme's schedule

Con day 1
Track #FR
Sep 15, 2022
15:40 PM - 16:00 PM

Mon combat contre l'arachnophobie

Pour contribuer, il faut juste se lancer et affronter sa peur !

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