Łukasz Chruściel

Łukasz Chruściel

Core Team Lead @ Sylius

Łukasz Chruściel

About Łukasz

Łukasz is involved in Sylius development since the early beginning, currently a core team Lead. Kind of an API-guy, the one-to-blame for the new API Platform integration.

Pragmatic developer with the love to clean, quality code and automated tests.

In private he is a traveler and board game fan. You may spot him on Github, answering your issues and reviewing your PR’s.

Łukasz's schedule

Con day 1
Track #EN
Sep 15, 2022
11:05 AM - 11:45 AM

Dilemmas and decisions. What we’ve learned designing the new Sylius API

Learn how Sylius uses API Platform for its new API.

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