Cécile Staehle

Cécile Staehle

RH @ Troopers

About Cécile

Cécile is in charge of HR Development at Troopers, a French worker cooperative based in Nantes. She leads and develops projects that promote the development of her company, in respectful, caring and inclusive working conditions.

Troopers is a company specialized in the creation and redesign of complex websites and business applications. They practice self-management and operate under shared and participative governance, and advocate for a tech for the common good, fair and respectful of everyone, and defend responsible digital technology in their business as well as in their social commitments.

Cécile's schedule

Con Day 2
Room 1

Sep 22, 2023


Le modèle coopératif, un puissant outil de lutte pour l’égalité en entreprise (🇫🇷)

16:20 PM - 17:00 PM

Comment les coopératives luttent contre les inégalités

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