Holger Dörner

Holger Dörner

Backend Developer @ bitExpert

About Holger

Holger is one of those crazy self-thought programmers your parents warned you about.

He started by teaching himself C and a bit of Assambler around 28 years ago. He had his fair share of programming in Java and Python as well, among others, but it always dragged him back towards PHP. Besides of writing Code he also like to tackle DevOps related topics or share his knowledge by mentoring other developers. If you want to grow, help others to grow!

Since 3 years, he’s working as a backend developer at bitExpert where he also fullfills the role as PHP-Chapter-Lead.

Holger's schedule

Con Day 1
Room 1

Sep 21, 2023


Converting a legacy app to API Platform (🇺🇸)

12:10 PM - 12:30 PM

Feedbacks about migrating legacy code

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