Vincent Chalamon

Vincent Chalamon

Consultant @

About Vincent

Expert developer at, Vincent is a core-team member of the API Platform framework and has contributed to the Symfony too, especially on the Security Component.

When he’s not riding his bike, he’s probably traveling the world with his backpack looking for a hosting-alternative solution!

Vincent's schedule

Con Day 1
Room 2

Sep 21, 2023


Un pas vers la décentralisation, reprenons le contrôle grâce à OIDC ! (🇫🇷)

17:10 PM - 17:50 PM

Partez à la découverte d'OpenID Connect avec API Platform.

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Con Day 2
Room 1

Sep 22, 2023

Q&A Session - API Platform Core Team

14:50 PM - 15:30 PM

The API Platform core team answers all your questions!

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