Matt Holt

Matt Holt

Creator @ Caddy Web Server

About Matt

Matt Holt (BS & MS Computer Science, Brigham Young University) is a software engineer with special expertise in TLS deployment and automation.

He is the designer and principal author of the (Caddy web server)[] – the first and only server to use HTTPS by default. Caddy is now considered the de-facto standard for server-side TLS at scale. Matt works on Caddy full-time through open source sponsorships from companies who rely on Caddy, such as Stripe, Framer, Mercedes-Benz,, and many more.

When Matt isn’t at the computer, he’s spending time with his family (wife and four kids).

Matt's schedule

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Sep 20, 2024


Maximizing your APIs in Production with the Caddy Web Server (🇺🇸)

09:30 AM - 10:10 AM

Explore leveraging Caddy's flagship features to strengthen your website.

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