Opening keynote (🇺🇸)

Opening keynote (🇺🇸)

Conference jour 1 - Salle 1

21 sept. 2023 · 09:10 AM - 09:50 AM

Opening keynote (🇺🇸)

The API Platform community is constantly working to improve the framework’s performance, developer experience, and ease of deployment in production.

For version 3.2, we’ve put together some exciting new features:

  • New application server specially designed for API Platform
  • Worker mode that boosts API performance like never before
  • 6x faster Docker builds
  • Deploy your APIs - even without Docker - with unrivaled ease

Even better, all these innovations can also be used without API Platform and will benefit the rest of the PHP ecosystem (Symfony, Laravel…).

Let’s kick off this edition of API Platform Con by discovering these long-awaited new features!

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