Georges-King Njock-Bôt

Georges-King Njock-Bôt

PHP expert freelance

About Georges-King

Georges-King is a backend developer with a Devops tendency. After an initial education in the field of university mathematics, he discovered an attraction for computer science while working on the mapping of an Information System. This first experience led him to explore the different facets of IT, especially the areas related to Infrastructure and Development.

DevOps at heart, GK uses his personal culture and his experience in collaborative organizations to make the IT projects he is involved in succeed.

When he’s not working on a development project, you can find him on the soccer field on the referee’s side where he puts his sense of justice and fair play at the service of the sport. Alternatively, you can also find him in training when he tries to transmit his passion for IT and organizations to new student developers.

Finally, to relax, he prefers music and it is said that he can sometimes be seen playing in Strasbourg on stage.

Georges-King's schedule

Con Day 2
Track FR

Sep 16, 2022

REX: France Televisions, quand API Platform tombe à PIC

14:00 PM - 14:40 PM

Retour d'expérience sur l'usage d'API Platform chez France Télévisions

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