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API Platform meetup live @Youtube (English-speaking talks)

Save the date! We are thrilled to announce the second edition of our online API Platform meetup! This new format will take place on April 30th 2020 at 19:00 (CEST) on our Youtube channel and you will have the opportunity to attend two English-speaking conferences!

🎤 We will have the chance to listen to Łukasz Chruściel from Sylius with his talk "Sylius and API Platform - the story of collaboration". At the beginning of 2020, Sylius have decided to integrate their product with API Platform. It was a project that was in their heads for many months or even years. Proof of concepts ensured them that this collaboration was possible and could be really beneficial for both ecosystems. Nevertheless, Sylius is already quite a big application, with a significant amount of non-trivial operations (transitions of state machines or cart & checkout processing logic). Łukasz will present insight into their journey through the integration of the new infrastructure into the existing code. What is the current state of integration? What are the main challenges, and how did they solve or plan to solve them? What functionalities do they want to cover with the new infrastructure? Łukasz will answer these and other questions.

🎤 Antonio Perić-Mažar from Locastic will also give his talk "The UI is THE application". Do you know how many designers and developers still think that UX is a myth? You would be amazed! But, let’s not dwell, we can change their mind instead. We live in a digital world where everyone can offer a certain type of service, but there’s that small gap that shows the disparity between good and bad delivery. Your app is a collection of tiny details, and if your main goal is to have satisfied users - you’ll be interested to hear why UI/UX is the foundation of your application success.

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We can't wait to be with our API Platform community again!

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