Create the DTO System of your Dreams: stateOptions + entityClass

Lille, France

Sep 22, 2023

One of the best features of API Platform is the ability to add #[ApiResource] above an entity and… bam! You have a fully-functional API! Though, if you want to have full control and peak clarity, nothing beats creating a dedicated DTO class.

But, creating a DTO class - especially when the data comes from Doctrine - feelslike reinventing the wheel! Suddenly you need to create a state provider, stateprocessor and filters… which all do the same thing that API Platform does automatically for entities.

No more! In this talk, we’ll explore a new feature called “state options” that gives you the flexibility of a DTO class, but the convenience of an entity. We’ll explore how this works & exactly what you need (e.g. a mapper system) to create a DTO class and have it “just work”.

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