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Domain Driven Design with API Platform 3

Lille, France

Sep 14, 2022

09:00 - 17:00

The DDD with API Platform workshop provides you with a good understanding of what Domain Driven Design is all about including what it brings, how and when it should be used. It also gives you the key to implement its main tactical patterns within your API Platform projects, and shows you how the latest version of the framework makes it simpler than ever.

During this 1-day workshop you’ll see:

  • An Introduction to Domain Driven Design
  • An overview of Strategic DDD: Main principles, bounded contexts, ubiquitous language, event storming
  • An overview of Architectural DDD: Hexagonal/Clean architecture, CQS, CQRS… how and when to use and mix them
  • An overview of Tactical DDD: Building blocks, use cases, rich vs anemic domain models
  • How to implement the Architectural and Tactical patterns in a project based on API Platform 3

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