Artisinal API Platform (🇺🇸)

Artisinal API Platform (🇺🇸)

Jour 2 - Salle 1

20 sept. 2024 · 16:10 PM - 16:50 PM

Artisinal API Platform (🇺🇸)

Join me at the API Platform Conference for an insight into how to make the API Platform more “artisinal”. By this, I mean we are going to explore how we can use API Platform within a Laravel application, and how we can lean on API Platform to craft robust APIs. We will delve into practical strategies, demonstrating how you can leverage the strengths of both frameworks to enhance your API development.

From this talk you will gain insights into setting up API Platform within a Laravel environment, optimizing the API performance, and implementing some best practices to ensure scalability and security.

Whether you’re a seasoned Laravel developer eager to expand your API toolkit, or new to API Platform, this talk will equip you with the knowledge you need to illuminate your next API Platform project.

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